Designed and developed by the creative team of Wu Dengyi Art Museum, the cultural creation store of Wu Dengyi Contemporary Art Park is located in the Swallowtail room of the Qing Dynasty next to the “Narrow Gate”. The century-old building exhibits a wide range of artistic and cultural creations for visitors.

Cultural Creations


Digital Reproduction

Designed and produced with the official authorization of Mr. Wu Deng-yi and Wu Dengyi Art Museum. Through high-resolution image processing and professional color management, high-grade materials are used for printing and nanotechnology inks are guaranteed, have passed the weather resistance test: resistance to humidity, temperature difference, light resistance.
Each product comes with a collection explanation card, which records information about the original work and related information about the reproduced painting product. We also provide framing advice and production options.


Cultural Creations from Wu Deng-yi’s works

Officially authorized by Mr. Wu Deng-yi and Wu Dengyi Art Museum, a series of cultural creations inspired by Mr. Wu Dengyi’s works.


Cultural Creations Selection

A series of cultural creations designed and selected by Wu Dengyi Art Museum.