Commercial Artistic Consulting

Almost all commercial areas in modern society need to be upgraded artistically. Wu Dengyi Art Museum is such a case. Our commercial creative team opens the door to all customers.

Commercial Artistic Consulting

The creative lab team of Wu Dengyi Art Museum is responsible for the design and planning of industrial project artisticization, industry-university-research cooperation, and injecting the energy transformation of culture and art into business. The Tamsui Wudengyi Contemporary Art Park project is a successful case. Once the project opened, it immediately became a well-known art and culture check-in holy place in Taiwan and a hot spot for international cultural and tourism projects. In addition to the injection of art and international exchange projects, the park has also become a social place for business people. Art exhibitions, salon and activities, public art and art education functions make this special courtyard in the historic park an eye-catching art and cultural center.
Our present, though being renewed in a different looks, seems to rhyme with our past. In March 1872, the Canadian missionary, Dr. George Leslie Mackay, landed in Tamsui to preach Christianity. In 1875, he started to design two adjacent bungalow ‘Mackay Memorial Museum’ and ‘Missionary House’. Also, he established a modernized school ‘Oxford College’ (the predecessor of Aletheia University). These buildings mixing Eastern and Western elements left the most indelible mark in Tamsui. Through the colonization of many different authorities, Tamsui is no doubt to be the best place that outlines the historical contour of Taiwan and presents the diversity of Taiwanese culture. One hundred and fifty years since Tamsui’s flourishing time, Taiwan Wu Dengyi Art Museum is sited here in Dr Mackay’s ‘Missionary House’. We embark upon renovating it as our art gallery. Wu’s art publications and achievement is going to write a brand new page for this historical building. Our goal is to create an international art platform to enhance global exchange. Based on the above, we also aim to promote and enhance the art and value of contemporary color ink. 

If you choose to inquire about “Commercial Co-branded Cooperation”, please skip filling in: exhibition theme and content, links and websites of related works, and planned exhibition date.

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